Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A slowly changing mindset

It used to be, when I saw something that I liked, especially if it was a good price, if I had the money in my account, I'd get it. Sometimes I'd feel guilty over spending money I didn't need to. More often, I didn't think about it at all, I wouldn't even notice what I'd bought.

I recently got offered a chance to buy a really cute piece of jewelry, supporting a small designer who's starting out, at a good price.  And I decided to pass. I'd maybe wear it a couple of times, then it would either end up in my drawer or on my wall as I went back to my favourite pieces. Having a few 'occasion' pieces is all good and well, but this wouldn't quite fit into that category.

This decision is showing my changing thought process. I'm more aware of bringing items into the house. Only wanting items that add value to my life.

I'm happy with my decision. It's one less item coming into the house. It's a few more dollars that can be used to pay off the mortgage.

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