Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Minimalist Game

Last year I came across 'The Minimalist Game.' (Click on the link to find out more about it). It's quite a simple theory. Get rid of 1 thing on day one of the month, 2 things on day two, 3 things on day three. You get the idea. Fast forward to the end of the month and the goal is to get rid of 30 odd things a day.

I liked the concept, but didn't think doing it that way would work for me. Because I have good days and bad day. Days with energy, days without. Days where I work lots, days where I don't. Days where my daughter gives me space to do my thing, days where she wants to always be in my space.

So I decided to change it up to work for me. What I did was create a word doc for that month (being November), and at the top I wrote how many days there were in the month, and how many items I'd declutter from my life if I met the challenge. Then each day, I wrote down what I decluttered, and at the end of the line I put my daily total and updated my monthly challenge.

So far this has been a success. I'm having more days than not where items get earmarked to leave the house (via giving to friends, donating or the rubbish bin). As I go on, there are fewer and fewer days with 'nothing' next to it. I'm really building in the habit of decluttering. Which is fantastic. People, including my husband, have commented they can see the difference in the house. And for me, it's brilliant motivation, as I can look at it and see concrete proof of my progress.

It has also helped me identify an area of waste I wasn't too good in. Or rather, I was good at it. The amount of food that I was wasting. Ends of packages of food mainly. But also the last serving of leftovers, that I really should have frozen for later. I no longer track that when it goes out, as it doesn't happen so much anymore. I'm so much more conscious of using it all up so I have less waste. My fridge is looking a bit better for it too, and my bank balance probably approves too.

So, my numbers.
November 2013 - 220 items
December 2013 - 453 items
January 2014 - 189 items
February 2014 - 258 items

That adds to 1120 items out of the house in a 4 month period. So far this month I'm at 157, but I'm not even half way through the month. I'm aiming to beat my December total, but really, I'm just happy to see how much is leaving.

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